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Department of Air Transport Industry, AU

About DATI:


1. Fly with us: Department of Air Transport Industry, Aletheia University

2. Civil aviation industry: air carrier/airlines, general aviation, airfreight forwarder, air cargo entrepot,
                                         airport ground handling service, catering service

3. Faculty member: professors with both theoretical profession and practical experience

4. Course structure: civil aviation, management science, foreign language

5. Career perspective: civil aviation industry and tourism industry

6. Physical facility: abundant and diverse resource

7. Foreign language: communication in civil aviation industry

8. Internship: Experiencing working environment in civil aviation industry

9. Wise choice: Open your wings and Fly with us


Study in AU - http://oia.epage.au.edu.tw/bin/home.php (國際學生事務中心)
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