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Dr. Shin-Shen Tsa
Assistant Professor  / Chair
Phone:02-26212121  #3402/3407
Ph.D of Department of Mechanical Engineering, NCTU.
He is responsible in Project Management.
Dr. Molly Chieng-Jung Huan
Associate Professor 
Dr. Huang received her PhD degree from Department of Business Administration, National Chung Cheng University in 2015
and MSc in Tourism Policy and Management in CURS (Centre of Urban and Regional Study) of University of Birmingham, UK in 1994.
Currently she works as an associate professor at Department of Air Transport Industry,
following fifteen years of working at Department of Leisure and Recreation Study, Aletheia University (AU).
Her teaching experience and academic interest is in consumer behavior, marketing and tourism management.
Dr. Huang has publications in SSCI and TSSCI journals.
蔣文育 副教授
Dr. Wen-Yu Chiang
Associate Professor 
Dr. Chiang received his PhD degree from Department of Shipping and Transportation Management, National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) in 2005.
Currently, he works as an associate professor at Department of Air Transport Industry, Aletheia University (AU).
He has been teaching at the university since 2005. Hence, his teaching experiences and interests are Marketing Management,
Customer Relationship Management, Global Logistics Management, Marketing Research, Airport Management, Air Cargo Management, and so forth.
However, his recent research interests are to analyze various international businesses and air transport industries via data analytics &
data mining technologies for discovering useful industrial management and marketing knowledge. .
李正竹 副教授
Dr. Zheng-Zhu Li
Associate Professor 
Dr. Li received his PhD degree from Department of Applied Mathematics, Chung Yuan Christian University in 2005.
He now works as an associate professor at Department of Air Transport Industry, Aletheia University.
The courses he teaches include Economics, Investment and Insurance, Information Literacy, Low birth rate trend and impact analysis,
Discussion on social problems with related data analysis, Observation and analysis of social issues, etc.

Dr. Liao, Chien-tzu

Associate Professor



Ph. D, Bilingual Education in Curriculum and Instruction Pennsylvania State University, PA

Dr. Wen-Hsiung Liu 
Assistant Professor 
Phone:02-26212121 # 3408
Ph.D of Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, NCKU.
He is responsible in Project Management.
郭芳琪  助理教授
Dr. Fang-Chi Kuo
Assistant Professor 
Phone:02-26212121  #3406
MSc in International Hotel Management, University of Surrey, UK.
She is responsible in Project Management.
賴靖亞 系助理
Iris Lai
Department Assistant
She is responsible in assistance of department affairs.
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